I grew up on Star Trek the original series. I’ve been a fan of Spock since I was a kid. He appealed to me…his approach. How he looked at the world. It was his use of quotes from Sherlock Holmes that got me interested in reading those stories.

Here was a character in TV that didn’t fit the normal mold. He didn’t fit and was a person of two worlds. That’s how I felt. His presence on the small screen and big screen has always entertained me and made it feel ok to be me. I know that Leonard Nimoy was not Spock. That he had a life outside of that character. But he lived his life as a good person and had a profound impact on me as a kid.

So I say to you all, live long and prosper. To Mr. Nimoy I say thank you and rest in peace.

RIP Leonard Nimoy Live long and Prosper

RIP Leonard Nimoy
Live long and Prosper