You should be given more than just a solution to your problem. You should be given the knowledge and feel empowered.

I remember sitting in front of a computer for the first time with my father thinking…”This cost a lot of moneyI don’t understand how it works but it seems to be magicWhat do those words meanI’m afraid I will break it, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this…” I still have that experience with technology from time to time and I think most of us experience that. Either with a car, a computer, a phone, a job, a piece of software or with kids. Everything, except kids, are a tool that was designed and built by human beings. They are little different than a hammer. Every once and a while you will get your thumb smashed by a hammer, but you still use one. A lot of folks react differently to computers and technology than they would a hammer, but they are both tools. They require a little bit of knowledge about use and they are there to there to help you complete a task in a more efficient way. A rock can be used to drive a nail, but it goes better to use a hammer, or really fast if you use a nail gun.

You just need to have someone there sometimes to help tell you when you should move your finger out of the way.