I grew up on Star Trek the original series. I’ve been a fan of Spock since I was a kid. He appealed to me…his approach. How he looked at the world. It was his use of quotes from Sherlock Holmes that got me interested in reading those stories.

Here was a character in TV that didn’t fit the normal mold.… Continue reading

You've been all your base are belong to us.

You’ve been hacked…now all your base are belong to us.

For starters, I’m going to say that hacking is neither good nor bad. Most folks in the technology world are hackers, meaning they either put together something that isn’t really good sometimes to get the job done or just continue to bash their heads against a problem until they get… Continue reading

hardware2-iconI want to start out saying that I speak multiple languages…in computing. I’ve been using and working on PC’s since DOS 3.0 (pre-windows for those who don’t know what that is, Apple products since the Apple ][e. I even speak some dead computer languages, such as the Rainbow 100 DEC and Commodore 64. I’ve worked on Unix and Linux… Continue reading

Castles were used as centers of power, places of refuge and defense. They held stores to withstand siege, were centers of administration and were traditionally a seat of nobility. In the digital age, everyone needs a digital castle for the same reasons that folks in the 10th century needed a castle. Refuge, administration and defense. In our current environment of… Continue reading