consulting1-icon“What is a collaboration tool?”

“What is the right hosting solution for us?”

“What are my requirements for an application? What are requirements?”

“What applications do I actually need for my business?”

“I have this softwarewhat is the best way to use it?”

“People say I need to have an (blog, website, etc.)what do I really need?”

Those questions are all ones that small and not-for-profit businesses struggle with. Even large business struggle with them sometimes. One of the biggest differences between small and a large business is the economy of scale. There is a big difference between a company with 50 people and one with 5,000. People wear a lot more hats in a small company to get things done and because of that, your “IT department” might be someone who does sales for you and helps you out with some computer stuff on the side.

That is where Caldwell Technology Services can help. We will work with your staff and help you identify requirements and get them addressed. At the end of the engagement, my goal is to ensure that you feel confident, prepared and knowledgeable.